Hello , Is anyone there ?

Hello my name is Genaya.

I AM NOT A  Skincare/Makeup/Body or Style Professional.

However like most Ive been using all of these things for many years and feel confident in my knowledge of what works for me. As I’m approaching my 41st year on this planet my needs on many levels are changing, so I thought i’d take you with me on this journey. (safety in numbers )

Just over a year ago I started an Instagram account to learn more about new products and to share what i use myself. Ive really enjoyed the sharing of information and making friends within the #skincarecommunity.

Thanks to the support and encouragement, I’ve decided to start a blog and share my thoughts in more depth. I will be focusing on 4 categories as seen in the above menu, SKINCARE , BEAUTY,  BODY and STYLE my only qualifications for writing about the topics are that I’m passionate about each and am willing to learn more. I have also added a REVIEW/REQUESTS section, so if there is anything you’re interested in hearing my thoughts on please comment there .

MySkinandStyle is not a Green/Luxury/Budget Blog it is a mixture of all those things. As all of those categories bring me joy and results.

This blog is not a definitive guide to what you must use or what you should do,  Its about what I use and buy and how I like to use, feel and look. The aim of this blog is to share my thoughts and experiences with you in the hopes that it will answer some questions you have, or show you a different perspective that may appeal.

So I hope you enjoy what I share with you , I plan on having lots of fun and failures on the way , all in search of the middle ground. (minus the sun damage)

So bye for now , I do hope you subscribe and for daily routines please follow me on Instagram @myskinandstyle






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