Makeup Wishlist – Eyes


I’ve decided that i want to update my makeup for this Spring/Summer and just in general. Unfortunately when I hit 35 I became overwhelmed with the idea that there were certain things that were no longer appropriate. As I got closer to 40 these ideas strengthened into fact for me.
Thanks to a new friendship I’ve started to realise that I can still experiment and enjoy different looks and that it all comes down to application. So I’m branching out and looking forward to learning more about make up and the correct tools to use .
This wishlist has been compiled after watching numerous YouTube videos , mainly Stephanie Nicole , I was very late to the party with her channel and have been binge watching ever since.So I will be starting with eyeshadows.
Below is the Star Palette from Natasha Denona which retails for $169 USD on Beautylish, Whilst not a budget option it breaks down to being a very reasonable cost per shadow,size and quality.The reason this appeals to me is it has a lot of different finishes that I can play with and enjoy. I also really like the colour palette it calls to me on every level.
The following shade descriptions and photos are taken directly from the Beautylish site.
K= Crystal Finish , CM = Creamy Matte , DC = Duo-Chrome,M = Metallic

                      Left Side                                            Right Side
Spectrum 101 K: Deep antique gold             Diadem 110 CM: Warm taupe grey
Earth 102 CM: Dark chocolate brown          Vega 111 CM: Soft tea rose
Bellatrix 103 M: Rose gold                              Galaxia 112 K: Sheer icy white
Flesh 104 CM: Warm peach                            Phoenix 113 CM: Brick red
Orion 105 DC: Deep blue brown                    Supernova 114 DC: Silver taupe
Gemma 106 CM: Mahogany brown               Electra 115 CM: Deep plum
Atria 107 M: Copper orange                            Polaris 116 K: White gold
Titania 108 CM: Taupe brown                         Atik 117 CM: Sandy beige
Cosmo 109 K: Vintage brass                            Rhea 118 M: Peach gold

To supplement this palette , I will also be purchasing the Viseart Neutral Mattes which retails for $80 USD also on Beautylish ,as I think this will complement the above palette perfectly and enable me to create a variety of looks . Again this is not a budget option however I believe that both of these will last a really long time and due to how heavily pigmented they are a wonderful investment.
The following shade descriptions and photos are taken directly from the Beautylish site.


    TOP ROW                                        MIDDLE ROW                               BOTTOM ROW
Cannelle: warm peach          Chocolat: chocolate brown               Charbon: natural black
Beige: peach beige                 Brique: warm sienna                           Souris: deep gray
Sable: light beige                   Taupe: caramel brown                       Cendre: soft taupe
Ivoire: bone white                Cafe: taupe brown                               Tabac: medium brown

Next time I will post my eye brush wishlist , Let me know your favourite eyeshadows or palettes in the comments. Will be sharing my makeup experiments via Instagram .

I hope you subscribe and look forward to sharing again soon.

Have a great week everyone  xx

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