November Empties !!!!!

So many empties this month !!!!!

I’ve really been focusing on finishing off products instead of constantly purchasing and not really getting to the bottom of anything and therefore not being able to tell what it is that is working or what I want to replace.

As those of you who follow me on Instagram will know I’ve been working on a skincare plan for next year.Which I will share with you all soon,  as I’ve no intention of opening any new products until my current ones are finished.

I will be reviewing all products and plan to post those reviews on a weekly basis. I will also continue to post overviews of products on Instagram.

So back to the empties ,

May Lindstrom Skin – The Honey Mud, The Problem Solver and Blue Cocoon . I have reviewed these already so feel free to read those. At this point I plan to replace both Honey Mud & Blue Cocoon.

Josh Rosebrook – Herbal Infusion Oil, Active Infusion Serum, Nutrient Day Cream Tinted Spf 30, Hydrating Accelerator and Advanced Hydration Mask. Have posted overviews of each product on Instagram using #myskinandstylereview However will do a complete and in-depth review on here in the new year. Will be repurchasing all products.

Jordan Samuel Skin– Hydrate , already have a new bottle open and another incoming.

NIOD – SDSM , MMHC , CAIS Will be repurchasing all in the new formulas.

The Ordinary – The Peeling Solution and Lactic Acid 5% , Will only be repurchasing the Peeling Solution.

Farmacy Beauty, Green Clean Cleansing Balm , Really enjoyed this yet not sure when I will repurchase.

Belif -The True Cream Moisturising Bomb , Really enjoy this a winter favourite so will purchase again then.

Leahlani Skincare – Champagne Serum , Very Very fragrant was fortunate enough to be gifted this by a friend. Unsure of when i will be purchasing.

Jurlique– Rose Facial Mist and Rose Body Wash, Whilst these are beautiful products unfortunately I don’t feel I have to have them. So not a repurchase for me .

Thank you for reading and please remember that my personal likes and dislikes represent my feelings or results with individual products and may not hold true for your skin type or personal preferences.

I hope you enjoyed and subscribed

Til next time ,

Genaya xx




10 thoughts

  1. So many lush products Genaya. Like you I have been aiming towards using up stuff before opening anything new. And since this summer I have had to realize that most balmy and EO oil prodcts has not been the best for my skin. No matter how much I love the sensorial experience of using them. My skin reacts with redness and some breakouts with many. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    1. Thank you Mari , I appreciate you taking the time to read !!! Yes as you say not all of these products are going to suit all skin. Many have sensitivities to Essential Oils sadly.
      Thats why I think cleansers are a fun way to experiment and enjoy sensorially without overexposing your skin. I’m thinking of writing a post on other ways to enjoy self care rituals without using EO heavy products.xx

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      1. Sounds like a really good idea. 👍🏼
        And ppl that perhaps just started to dabble in skincare and see a video or routine with lush products from May Lindstrom, Tata Harper, Josh Rosebrook, De Mamiel or some other brand. And feel the need to just go out and buy alot. (I know I did) Could think about perhaps trying a few smaller samples or 1-2 products with fragrant EO’s in them first. Just so in case they happen to be one of those who get red and perhaps break out from them. They haven’t dropped $400-500 before they know how their skin will react. I know I bought too many when I got intrigued by some products that after some use I had to let go of. No matter how lush they smelled or felt initially.

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      2. Great , I will work on that.
        I completely agree and believe that sampling first is the best way to go . It is an enormous investment , I think thats why I typically start with cleansers when trying a range for the first time as I think it gives you a good indication and then masks are usually my second step into a line. Will add stores that have good sampling practices when preparing that post as I do buy from local and international sites regularly .

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