Natasha Denona & Wayne Goss

Its hard to believe that only 6 months ago my eyeshadow and brush collection consisted of one matte shadow palette and about 2 eyeshadow duos, the brush collection was an assortment of what came with everything and a little budget set from the supermarket plus a Nars cheek brush..

Fast forward and as we’re approaching Christmas I’ve now got 2 Natasha Denona Palettes – Star and now Sunset , Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills . In the brush department I now enjoy 6 Sigma brushes and 3 Wayne Goss brushes all for eyes !!!!!

To say eyeshadow has become fun and experimental for me is an understatement, I truly look forward to applying my makeup now and hope to get better at it. I don’t feel I need to add anymore eyeshadows to my collection as every shade and finish I could want I have.

I will be adding more brushes though as I’d like doubles of the latest ones and to add more so that I can build up a proper assortment for my base products.

The below items were purchased from BeautyLish I love how fast their delivery is !!!!!!

Natasha Denona Sunset Palette Exterior
Natasha Denona Sunset Palette

I was quite intimidated by these shades at first and yet can honestly say that every single one is beautiful , the glitter shades are incredible and I use my finger to apply. The shimmers are unlike anything else I’ve ever seen and the mattes are so creamy its a dream to blend..

The amount of looks that are possible from this palette are astounding and I can do subtle or extreme without having to reach for another product which is ideal, I find myself very drawn to brights and warm shades but previously didn’t believe that it would be suitable I’m so happy I was drawn out of that mindset by the encouragement of supportive friends on Instagram.

Wayne Goss Brushes No 6, 16, 18

As I follow Wayne Goss on YouTube I’d heard about his brushes a long time ago however I wasn’t into eyeshadow so they seemed unnecessary , with my new interest though I thought it was time to try them and my goodness am I glad I did !!!!!

Blending eyeshadow is an absolute dream with these they just make everything easier over time I would like to purchase his entire collection . I started with these three No 16 and 18 are awesome for both crease and all over colour they practically blend as you apply. The No 6 I use for patting shades onto the lid its so soft !!! I will be purchasing a second set of No 16 & !8 as I’m astonished at how much quicker they make everything.

So thats all the new makeup you will be seeing for awhile as I’m in a happy place with my selection. I will be purchasing new base products but not until the new year.

Please let me know in the comments if you would like me to post some makeup looks using my new palettes ??

Hope you enjoyed and subscribed !!!!

Thank you for reading

Genaya xx

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  1. I would love so much to see a makeup look with that palette! 😍❤ I don’t look good with warm colors in my opinion but I bet they look stunning on you! 😍🙌 love you my friend ❤ boriana

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