December Empties !!!!

Hi everyone !!!!
If you are following me on Instagram you would have seen my recent empties post . I thought I’d just add some more details about each product so that you can have more of a feel for my thoughts.

Now some of these were gifted by the incredible Instagram #skincarecommunity and some were from #cultbeauty GWP . All of my friends who shared their goodies with me are mentioned below as well as links to their IG profiles. There is one link that belongs to a retail store , This is not an affiliate link . It also includes items that were gifted in exchange for review , I have included the link to my reviews accordingly.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask in the comments section.

Jordan Samuel SkinThe After Show Treatment Cleanser.
This is my favourite make up remover a beautiful gel to oil cleanser that melts make up from the skin including waterproof !!!! The naturally occurring fragrance is a result of the non-irritating and carefully selected ingredients that are skin loving and nourishing. Massage into dry skin then add a little water to emulsify , I prefer to use a washcloth at this stage to remove the remnants. Also lovely in the morning a nice dollop massaged into skin and left on to protect my skin in the shower.

Repurchase – Yes this was my 3rd tube.

Fresh Beauty- Soy Face Cleanser. This was gifted by a lovely Instagram friend . As I’m not generally a fan of foaming cleansers I approached this with some trepidation and was pleasantly surprised !!! A small amount added to dampened skin and then splashed off provided me with a gentle morning or 2nd cleanse without leaving my skin feeling tight. A gentle and pleasant scent also.

Purchase– Yes.

Ayr SkincareAwaken Eye Serum. This product was gifted by Ayr Skincare in exchange for review which you can find here . I enjoyed the lightweight texture and rapid absorption definitely great for under eye hydration.

Purchase– Currently using another eye serum so in the future would buy this.

JurliqueRose Face Mist. This is very pretty and soothing a fantastic Australian natural brand that has an extensive hair, body and face line. For me its not my go to mist therefore its out.

Repurchase – No.

Indie LeeCoq10 Toner– This was a tricky one for me as I’ve previously used a full bottle of this. I’m not a fan of traditional toners, I prefer a mist or Acid toner at this stage in a routine whilst we are all aware of how great CoQ10 is for the skin , I’m afraid this product just isn’t my cup of tea although I know its beloved by many.

Repurchase– No unless it repackaged as a mist.

The Ordinary- Marula Oil. This was gifted by another lovely friend . I was so excited to try this !!!! I found it to be thicker than the African Botanics Marula Oil and yet yielded very similar results. My favourite way to use was mixed in with moisturiser which worked great for my face as well as body. Perfect for if you are suffering from sensitivity from using strong actives .

Repurchase– Yes

SerumtologieWhipped Facial Souffle. This was gifted by Serumtologie for review. Which you can find here – . Long story short I found it to be a great occlusive layer which would work absolute wonders in winter. Definitely for a dry/mature skin or one suffering from a compromised barrier. Other similar products which spring to mind at different price points are La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume & La Mer Soft Cream.

Repurchase– Yes I think its a handy one to have on hand.


Tom FordSantal Blush & Neroli Portofino. Loved both of these Santal Blush is warm, sexy and inviting a perfect scent for the cooler months. Whilst Neroli Portofino screams summer from the first sniff. Really important to sample fragrances before purchase especially at these prices !!!

Purchase: Yes to both

Dr BronnersCastille Soap – Citrus & Rose These are just really basic well performing body washes the scents of both were lovely without being overbearing. I enjoy this brand a lot.

Repurchase Yes again and again

Leahlani SkincareBohemian Ruby Toner. This is targeted towards a dryer or mature skin however I think it would be a joy for all skins. Check out my review under the Skincare header for more info.

Repurchase Yes

Jacqueline EvansCastille Cream Cleanser. Was fortunate to receive this in a gwp over Christmas. Would not have tried this otherwise as it didn’t appeal on face value. However this is absolutely beautiful A heavier cream cleanser with a light citrus scent (naturally occurring ) Felt like id given my skin a valium, provides a great amount of slip for massage ad removes easily with a washcloth .Left skin feeling soft and calm.

Purchase Yes

Jordan Samuel SkinHydrate . Absolutely brilliant hydrator for the skin , I cant go a day without using. Essential for building those first layers of hydration and Vitamin C needed to give us our best skins. Skin Basics must have. And the price is incredible !!!

Repurchase On my 5th bottle and already planning my 6th.

The Ordinary- Advanced Retinoid 2% . I think this is what everyones first retinol should be. Gentle & effective , I often like to use when I’m giving my skin a little break from harsh actives and as always I still want my best skin. Also this would be fantastic to add to a really simple base cream for body care which I like to do at least once a week.

Repurchase Absolutely will pick up my 3rd bottle of this soon.

SisleyFloral Toning Lotion. Another gift, linked the IG account in the Fresh Cleanser overview.. Smells delicious and light , alcohol free so doesn’t disrupt sensitive skins and whilst on the luxury side of the skincare scales , you do get over 250ml of product. I have many mists or toners that would cost a hell of a lot more if they were sold in this size. I decanted half of this into a atomiser and it was beautiful using that delivery system other wise i just gently wiped with a cotton pad.

Purchase Yes if I’m in the mood for being spendy, As i don’t believe mists and non acidic toners are essential to a routine.

La MerThe Soft Cream & Genaissance What can I say my heart remembers when La Mer first launched in Australia and I rushed out to buy it. I think its a wonderfully occlusive cream and enjoy tapping it over eye serums so that i can absorb all the hydration I can bear. As for Genaissance there was only 7ml in the sample therefore not enough for me to be convinced I needed to drop $840 aud on it . If I’d looked even 1 year younger after using I would have sold someones kidney to get it. Don’t worry you’re all safe.

Repurchase The cream yes , already have. The serum NO

Max & MeCircle of Protection & Sweet Serenity Balm. These are both beautiful products that were sent to me by a friend and the balm from a store these are there Instagram accounts if you’re interested, I thoroughly enjoyed both of these green beauty treats. I’ve been fortunate enough to also try the mask & wash and cleanser which my friend sent me samples of. Needless to say you will see this brand in full size at some point this year.

Purchase Yes.

Dr Dennis Gross- C+Collagen Serum & Deep Cream. I’ve been a fan of Dr Dennis Gross Skincare for a long time, it was the first at home acid peel I ever used and still go back to time and again. Its very difficult to judge creams and serums in terms of results in less than a full skin cycle. So its more of a first impressions on these. The Serum had a lovely texture and absorbed well without pilling underneath other products, It felt gentle on the skin and no adverse effects . The cream felt deeply hydrating and I loved the medium weight of it no scent really to speak of. My skin felt moisturised all day and it sat beautifully under makeup.

Purchase At this stage I just didn’t have a feeling for the serum, would like to sample again. As for the cream it definitely has my name on it soon.

Sol de JaneiroBum Bum Cream. Smells delicious and because I live on these edge also used on my boobs . Both B’s loved it !!!!! Skin feels lovely and soft after using when I’m feeling extra dry its really nice layered over oil.

Purchase Yes and I want to explore more of their range as well.

OribeDry Texturising Spray & Volumising Spray. These were both great products that performed exactly how they were meant to.

Purchase I don’t feel the need to have either but if I’m feeling spendy then we all know whats going to happen lol.

Thank you so much if you made it this far !!!! And if you didn’t then you’ll never know how much I appreciate the fact you even started lol. If you enjoyed please subscribe , If you didn’t then like flatulence its best kept to yourself haha.

Have a great day everyone
Genaya xx

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