April Empties !!!

I got through a hell of a lot in April obviously not all products were opened and finished in that month however I did want to focus on things that were nearly finished and had been put aside due to a lack of interest or obsession with something new and shiny (you know how it is)

I will not be going into the ingredients on each product however will cover the majority of points on each.

Allies Of Skin  Bright Future Overnight Facial 50ml $167 aud

Purpose – To give the effect of a professional facial overnight. Best results seen if used 2-3 nights in a row.

I personally used 3 nights in a row to experience these effects and I did experience them.


  1. The ingredients list is phenomenal featuring Hyaluronic Acid, Glycol, Lactic and Salicylic and Diglucosyl Gallic Acid (more effective than kojic for brightening) Niacinamide and Retinaldehyde.
  2.  Doesn’t irritate the skin even though its a powerful treatment (sensitive skins should still build up to 3 nights in a row use.)
  3.  You don’t need to give up retinol if you are a nightly user due to it being included.
  4. You can forgo the nightly concerns of what should  I use due to the majority of skin needs being met.
  5. You can boost the hydration aspect by layering a hyaluronic acid serum underneath.
  6. It takes your night routine down to a 5 minute duration.

Con’s – 

  1. It leaves a film on the skin which you can roll off about 15 minutes after application. (Update this has now been reformulated )

Routine – Cleanse , Mist, This Product, Mist Again.  To combat the pilling as described above , I add an oil over top after 15 minutes.

Comparison – Due to the focus of this being brightening , I’ve often seen and also compared this to Sunday Riley Good Genes . They’re are incomparable due to the massive difference in Ingredients they both aim to address even skin tone , yet this product specifically addresses it from a multitude of fronts. I love Good Genes yet I use it at the serum stage and still need to add additional products to receive the results I want.

Repurchase – Yes , I’ve heard they’ve addressed the pilling situation I mentioned.  I will purchase as it really is a dream formulation and when used as directed it works.

May Lindstrom Skin I have reviewed the entire line already  MAY LINDSTROM SKIN

InFiore Beauty  Treate  Gentle Cleansing Emulsion  $102 aud for 100ml  

Purpose – To gently cleanse the skin whilst maintaining the integrity of the skin.


  1.  Extremely gentle milky cleanser.
  2. Cleanses well and rinses off with water.
  3.  Smells absolutely delicious.

Con’s  –

  1. It runs out.

Routine – 1st step.

Comparison – I’ve not used a milk cleanser like this for over a decade , so I really can’t compare it to anything sorry.

Repurchase –  Absolutely.

InFiore Beauty  Fleur Vibrante Healing Floral Essence  $138 aud for 50ml.

Purpose – A energising and soothing treatment.

Pro’s –

  1. It has calendula in it .
  2.   Massages into skin easily .
  3.  It smells lovely and uplifting
  4.  Feels very soothing on the skin.


  1.  It may not suit everyone as it can leave a film.

Routine – If my skin is feeling sensitive I like to cleanse and then massage the balm in. Alternatively as a final occlusive layer in my routine.

Comparison – I’ve not used a lot of balms before so I can only compare it to Blue Cocoon by May Lindstrom. They melt into an oil easily and are great for massaging the skin and soothing the skin . Blue Cocoon is my saviour and this is its younger sister by that I mean its great, its soothing and yet doesn’t feel experienced enough to tackle my major issues. However it is half the price and has not let me down.

Repurchase – I would due to its differences from Blue Cocoon.

Jordan Samuel Skin The Performance Cream $38 usd for 60ml

Purpose – To hydrate and keep skin in optimal condition.


  1.  Peptides
  2.  Calming and hydrating ingredients
  3. Easily customisable , I personally enjoy adding a few drops of Rosehip Oil to it .
  4. Easily absorbed
  5. Suitable a.m or p.m .

Con’s – The one negative is that its only available directly from the Jordan Samuel website therefore depending on where you live you may need to pay customs . Also there is a shipping cost, for me this is easily mitigated by ordering every 6 months and such is my enjoyment of his line that its no trauma to order that much product. Also he has introduced larger sizes in some of the range and his direct to consumer pricing means that we are not paying inflated prices. So not really a con merely added information .

Routine – Your normal routine just add this where you would any moisturiser.

Comparison – This is the first texturally lightweight moisturiser I’ve used , so unable to compare it to what I have used previously. This was perfect during the warmer seasons as it really finished my routines well and left my skin feeling hydrated.

Repurchase – Absolutely !!!

Odacite  Gt + L  Green tea & Lemongrass Serum Concentrate $39 usd for 5ml

Purpose – To target the loss of radiance and luminosity.

Pro’s –

  1. It works
  2. It makes customising your routines to reflect your daily requirements easily
  3. Whilst only 5ml you only need a few drops to reap the benefits.
  4. You can purchase sample kits.


  1. Not all skins react positively to essential oils.

Routine –  This can be used at the serum stage of your routine or mixed in with your hydration serum or your moisturiser.

Comparison – Any other oil aimed at radiance , the key difference being this can be added to anything in order to boost radiance.

Repurchase – Yes,  as stated clearly above this worked for me and gave my skin a beautiful glow that lasted all day.

ECOOKING  Peeling Mask $37 gbp for 50ml

Purpose – A acid based mask to be used weekly to exfoliate the skin.

Pro’s –

  1. A mix of Lactic, Glycolic & Salicylic acids
  2. Gluconolacctone is also here and its an antioxidant with moisturising benefits.
  3. Not irritating and definitely instant visual results.
  4. Good price point for the quantity received and amount used per treatment. I can get at least 6 months of use from one jar.

Con’s –

  1. If you have a more sensitive skin , I would recommend slowly building up to the recommended time of treatment . Start at 3 minutes then slowly build up to the 12 minutes they suggest. you may get the results you want without needing to leave it on that long , my sweet spot was 10 minutes.

Routine – Cleanse, Mask, Mist, Hydrate , Treatment , Moisturise.

Comparison – The only other acid mask I have is the Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari BabyFacial. Whilst they do not have the same ingredient listing they have the same goal to exfoliate and not irritate. I’m greedy so want both however either one of them will leave you with similar results so it comes down to what you prefer to spend and how easy it is for you to purchase.

Repurchase –  Yes this is easier for me to purchase, so I daresay this will be my go to acid mask.

Drunk Elephant B Hydra Intensive Hydrating Gel $75 aud for 50ml

Purpose – To hydrate the skin deeply whilst also helping with fine lines and skin clarity.

Pro’s – 

  1. Does offer hydration
  2. Lightweight
  3. Mixes well with other products.

Con’s –

  1.  Does not offer me enough hydration.

Routine – Cleanse, Mist, This, Treatment, Moisturiser

Comparison – I’m comparing this to the Jordan Samuel Skin’s  Hydrate . For me this did not offer the same level of hydration , therefore its definitely not the product for me.

Repurchase – No although if you have an oilier skin type then I do believe this may really suit you and it’s a very good price point for the quality and size.

Drunk Elephant C Firma Day Serum $116 aud for 30ml

Purpose – Addresses dullness , UV damage and Collagen Synthesis.


  1. Really easily absorbed serum.
  2. Layers well with other products.
  3. Addresses many concerns.
  4. A little goes a long way.
  5. Does not include many of the major potential irritants.

Con’s –

  1. Its not cheap.

Routine – For me this is a morning only product. Therefore its Cleanse, Mist, Hydrate, This, Moisturiser.

Comparison – Any other Vitamin C I’ve tried. This just feels nice and works well on my skin . I noticed a visibly brighter complexion after using daily for 2 weeks. It was not a long enough trial to notice a difference in pigmentation.

Repurchase – Yes , I’m definitely curious to see how it goes with daily use for 3 months. With any products that promise brightening or pigmentation reduction I believe you need that long to see if anything happens.

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask $76 aud for 75ml

Purpose – Tighten Pores, Clear Imperfections and Moisturise.

Pro’s –

  1. Applies easily.
  2. Does not dry out.
  3. Easy to remove.
  4. Skin feels soft after use.
  5. Skin looks bright and clear after use.

Con’s – For me there aren’t any.

Routine – Cleanse, Mask, then proceed with routine as normal.

Comparison- This is the only pre made clay mask formulation I’ve used so unable to compare to another. My usual concerns with clay masks are that they are usually to drying , this one isn’t .

Repurchase – Already purchased a full sized tube of this .

Mario Badescu  Botanical Exfoliating Scrub $37 aud for 100ml

Purpose – Refines uneven texture and helps with congested pores

Pro’s –

  1. If you like a good scrub this is it .
  2. Good Pricepoint
  3. Not Scratchy


  1.  To scrubby for me.

Routine –  Cleanse, Scrub then continue as normal.

Comparison – I will compare this to every other physical exfoliant that comes in a tube. It works , It doesn’t scratch the skin. It works .

Repurchase – Its just not my cup of tea.

La Mer The Treatment Lotion $165 aud for 150ml . The Lifting Intensifier $242 aud for 15ml . The Soft Cream $242 aud for 30ml.

Purpose – This trio is advertised at changing your skin into a hydrated ,firm and luminous canvas of unparalleled perfection

Pro’s –

  1.  It feels unbelievably luxurious.
  2. My skin felt hydrated and soft after using everything.

Con’s –

  1.  You don’t need to pay this much money to have great skin.

Routine – Cleanse, Treatment Lotion, Lifting Intensifier , Soft Cream.

Comparison – Every other item I’ve ever used in these categories . They are lovely yt not essential merely a luxurious choice should you wish to indulge. 

Repurchase –  Maybe and not because they’re the best ever just because occasionally I can’t resist being extra !!!!

Dermalogica Calm Water Gel  $64.25 aud for 50ml  & Sound Sleep Cocoon $106 aud for 50ml.

Purpose – Both products are aimed to hydrate and revitalise dry and dehydrated skins.

Pro’s –

  1. Non Irritating
  2. Good price for quantity received
  3. Easily Absorbed


  1. For me it doesn’t provide the level of hydration or comfort I need.

Routine – Cleanse, Water Gel, Treatments, Sleep Cocoon.

Comparison –  Any hydration step , this does not provide me with enough hydration , The sleep cocoon is not as occlusive or repairing as I would like. I think this would be best for an oilier skin type.

Repurchase – No not for me.

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Hydration Gel $89 aud for 40ml

Purpose – To hydrate your skin.

Pro’s –

  1. My skin felt hydrated
  2. Easily absorbed
  3. Other products layered well.
  4. Skin felt hydrated all day.


  1. Its not cheap.

Routine – Cleanse , This, then continue with your routine as normal.

Repurchase – I will purchase a full size for use of an evening .


Earth’s Recipe Moisture Bound Cream $43 usd for 50ml

Purpose – To nourish and hydrate the skin.

Pro’s –

  1. Good Price 
  2. Easily absorbed   
  3. Layers well.   
  4. Skin definitely felt hydrated and nourished .  
  5. Little goes a long way.

Con’s –  

  1. Not readily available in Australia.

Routine –  At the usual stage in your routine , I preferred morning use.

Repurchase – Yes in summer.


Zelens Skincare 3t Complex Essential Anti Aging Cream $163 aud for 50ml

Purpose – To address every single concern that confronts ageing skin.

Pro’s –

  1.  The texture is rich and comforting
  2. Layers well over other products
  3. Skin feels nourished and appears plump and firm.
  4. A little goes a long way.

Con’s –

  1. Its not cheap

Routine- Your usual routine and finish with this.

Comparison –  I will compare this to La Mer soft cream which for the same quantity comes in at nearly double the price apart from that, the key difference is that Zelens in all way and outcomes is formulated with superior ingredients and therefore is truly aimed at delivering measurable results.

Repurchase – I already have one ready to open.

So there you have it my thoughts on all the empties of last month, If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

I do hope you enjoyed and subscribed .

Genaya xx

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