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Hello everyone !!

So today I thought I’d share my recent online consultation with Biologique Recherché Australia , Whilst I know nothing can be as thorough as a face to face consult I still found it extremely helpful to have a starting point and try some of the products without committing a rather hefty amount for product purchase or BR facial which is only available in two locations in Australia.

So if you’re interested read on, All of BR’s questions and responses  are Italic  I also provided 2 photographs of my skin in natural light.

Age 41
Skin Type – Normal to Dry
Skin Concerns – Pigmentation from sun damage on cheekbone area , Dryness most parts except t-zone which is normal . No issue with firmness of skin , slight fine lines around eyes.
Skin Goals – A more radiant hydrated complexion and a decrease in pigmentation.
Do you ever experience flaky skin? No
Does you skin feel tight? (Always, after cleansing, through the day, winter months, sometimes, never) Very rarely and generally only in winter.
Does your skin ever feel hot and/or itchy? No
Do you experience redness? Very slight flushing in the cheek area after using acids or a long face massage.
Have you had any recent (last 6 weeks) treatments to your skin? (peels, dermabrasion, laser, needling) Not professional no. I do use a 0.25 titanium derma roller 3 times per week.
What products are you currently using on your skin? In the mornings I focus on hydration, vitamin c , and moisturising products then spf 50+, Retinols and resurfacing acids in the evening.
What textures do you prefer? (gel, emulsion, light creme, creme, heavy creme) I love richer texture for creme and emulsions
Do you have any allergies? Chocolate and Raspberries oddly
Are you on any medications? No
What is your level of sun exposure? On a work day about an hour on days off 2-3 hours
Below are the recommended products . I have added the prices in Australian Dollars . In Australia you can purchase the following from Melanie Grant
I would recommend the following products
(if you wear make up)
EYE CLEANSER: Solution Demaquillant pour les Yeux $60 100ml
1ST CEANSE: Eau Micellaire Biosensible $64 100ml
CLEANSER: Lait VIP O2 $91 150ml  (this is a oxygen boosting cleanser to bring clarity and hydration without stripping the skin)
LOTION: Lotion P50 PIGM 400 $123 150ml  (you can use this twice a day after cleansing, it is quite gentle. after you have used this for 50 days you could move up to Lotion P50V $91 150ml
MASQUE: Creme Masque Vernix $274 50ml  (you can use this as a protective moisture masque leave on for 20mins or you can use it as a overnight treatment if your skin is feeling particularly dry)
Masque Creme Biofixine $330 50ml  This is another great moisture masque or leave on treatment that would be suitable for your skin.
SERUM: Serum PIGM 400  $292  30ml (this is the best product for suppressing melanin production, preventing the growth and migration of melanin producing cells and lightening existing pigment irregularities)
CREME: Creme Grand Millesimal $270 50ml (this creme is super moisture building and boosts radiance)
SPF: Your choice (we dont have our SPF available in Australia
EYE: Creme Contour pour les Yeux et Levres Biofixine $206 30ml  (very hydrating and helps prevent and correct fine expression lines)


For me so far I’ve found the cleansing milk a little drying and have not used micellar cleansers before so may look at trying those.

I already own the P50 PIGM 400 acid toner and have upped my usage to nightly . I purchased the travel size of the PIGM 400 serum and look forward to seeing how that suits me.

The Biofixine and Masque Vernix feel wonderful on my skin overnight and my skin feels very nice in the morning.

Also sampling the PIGM 400 creme and its lovely far too soon to see if any of the PIGM 400 range is doing anything although it does feel active on the skin. I’m also enjoying the VIP02 eye creme sample and think that BR’s eye creme’s are very well priced considering you get double the amount of most eye creams on the market.

The other samples I have that weren’t recommended I’ve just been trying out , one thing they all have in common is how easily they absorb and how light they feel on the skin and yet I wake with soothed , hydrated and moisturised skin.

I will definitely book in for a Biologique Recherché facial to further understand the range and refine my recommendations.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave in comments or if you just want to share your own experience !

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve subscribed

Genaya xx

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  1. Hello there Miss Genaya! Awesome and interesting review! I’m actually new in skincare and still very much lost on all the skin care products/services available. I also honestly cannot afford such high end skincare products or even procedures but hopefully someday I will. By the way, thank you for hosting such an amazing giveaway! More power to you and I wish everyone the best of luck! (IG: fluffyanika123)


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