Hi everyone ,

So around 6 weeks ago I received this beautiful parcel from Nataussie and the reason I accepted this collaboration is I genuinely enjoy using rollers and gua sha tools however I did want to delve further into learning and using these tools consistently to truly evaluate the effects physically.

Emotionally i think think this has added a space in everyday for me to stop and just breathe and feel peaceful and has truly elevated my already decadent morning routines.

Nataussie. Photo by me


The tools themselves have a lovely weight to them in the hand and feel sturdy which I haven’t always found with previous ones I’ve bought , I also love that it came with a travel pouch as I would totally take them with me.

Rose Quartz

Often called the crystal of love and for those who believe is using crystals as tools in life this is one that speaks the most strongly to me when used in moments of self care . Its said to assist with self love and calming of the mind by helping you release the emotional body of ego centric behaviours and allowing you to open yourself to giving and receiving love. It’s also said to encourage trusting , valuing and accepting yourself.

And if thats all a little esoteric then the colour is aesthetic af.`

MySkin&Style Nataussie 1
Natussie photo by me


From the first email to the beautiful packaging and tools til now my experience with nataussie is one I will treasure when I had personal issues arise and delay this post I received nothing but understanding and they were always so accessible for my questions and thoughts. They were kind enough to give me a code so if your curiosity is piqued after reading then  Just click this it gives you 15% off this is not an affiliate link just a discount for interested readers .

Nataussie Roller photo by me


I have been a fan of rolling for a long time and choose to keep my roller in the fridge for an added bonus. As for what it does , it promotes circulation, lymphatic drainage and calms inflammation as the crystal always stays cool.

My personal favourite way to use is by applying a sheet mask first and then performing a lymphatic drainage massage whilst the mask is on . It feels as though I’m working the serum or essence deeper into my skin and my complexion always looks refreshed and radiant afterwards.

In summer storing my sheet masks and roller in the fridge really ups the ante on reducing heat induced redness and radiance.

After cleansing apply your serum or oil of choice then starting always at the centre of your face roll gently outwards and upwards.

Then from the chin roll toward the collarbones working outwards to the sides of your neck.

From the centre of the neck roll out and up.

Once complete then apply your moisturiser I like to use the same movements to apply and if its morning then add your spf after moisturising.

After using I wash with warm water and soap then dry thoroughly so as not to affect the metal.

If you’re looking for a more crystal related cleansing then you can wash in saltwater or leave it after washing in a bowl of salt overnight to draw negative energy away. Also leaving the crystal in the moonlight for the night to recharge its energy.



Gua Sha Tool

Now whilst I have tried this before at home it was a facial that i received at self made that got me super curious and then being sent this cemented my dedication to using.

Gua (scrape) Sha (sand )is a traditional form of chinese medicine which was body focused and when performed would leave a sand like pattern on the skin. 

Facial Gua Sha is a lot more gentle and yet can still provide results on skin it relieves tension ups circulation and aids in lymphatic drainage.

Its generally recommended 3 times a week for an deep facial massage whilst testing i committed to  a gentle massage for 5 minutes per day.

After Cleansing I would mist then apply a facial oil anything that provides slip is fine to use and then I would follow this chart.

Ive included this chart from pinterest to show you the technique and I did each number 3 times using the side of the tool that felt most natural in that section.

Taken From Pinterest

As for pressure around the eyes I applied the same pressure as I would when removing eye makeup and on all areas of the face I maintain a comfortable pressure unlike a body massage harder does not mean better results in a few days . It means bruising and and bursting capillaries . Gentle and consistent use it what leads to accumulative benefits from facial gua sha.

The changes I noticed were less jaw pain (teeth grinder) noticeable reduction in puffiness and less tension generally . You see immediate lifting in the face which does go away but pre event would be amazing. So overall a more relaxed and glowing complexion due to getting that circulation going as for emotional benefits there is something about taking that 5 minutes to use this beautiful tool on your face the rose quartz is cool to the touch and has been wonderful in the mornings sometimes i just press it gently and hold for a few seconds over each eye and immediately depuffs, Ive always had puffy eyes in the morning and have always enjoyed a cool compress this is a no fuss version with added benefits including an indulgent vibe.


I’m pleased that I received this opportunity and the entire experience has been positive, Would I purchase this for others ? Yes and god forbid I break one I will definitely purchase from here using my discount code lol.

I think its visually pleasing and skin loving so all my favourite things in a glorious pink box. As for what I’d like to see from this new company , I’d love to see different shapes of gua sha tools and maybe a few YouTube tutorials demonstrating the techniques and whilst I’m in wishlist mode can I have one in blue calcite please haha .

You can find Natussie on Instagram Here !! and me over here

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask .

Take Care everyone.

Genaya xx




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