International Giveaway !!!!!

💗International Giveaway💗

Hi everyone to celebrate the change in seasons Space of Beauty      and I have teamed up to host a giveaway on Instagram. It includes treats for the face, body and some makeup .

We have some full size favourites , travel sizes and deluxe samples. A mixture of treats paid for and some from gwp’s that either weren’t suited to us or we weren’t feeling greedy enough to keep. So keep reading and fill your bathrooms and make room in ours please lol.

💗The Goodies 💗



@drlevyofficial 3 Deep Cleanser (full size)

@demamielskin Restorative Cleansing Balm (full size)

@honuaskincare Olena Oil (full size)

@pestleandmortarcosmetics Hyaluronic Serum (travel size)

@katesomervilleskincare ExfoliKate (travel size)

@drunkelephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil (travel size)

@clinique_oz Take the Day Off (travel size)



@soaksociety YinYang Wellness Soak (full size )

@nuxefrance Huille Prodigieuse Dry Oil (full size)

@lelabofragrances Body Cream (full size)



@coverfx Contour Kit and Brush , Shade Medium (full size)

@strokeofbeautycosmetics Lipstick (full size) Lashes (one pair)

@jouercosmetics Highlight in Rose Gold (mini)

@urbandecaycosmetics Lip Gloss (mini)

@toofaced Better than Sex Mascara(mini)

💗How to enter 💗


🌸Follow MySkinandStyle and Space of Beauty on Instagram and follow the rules shown there.

💗Follow our Blogs this is mine and follow this link to Space of Beauty and comment on our latest blog post +10 entries

🌸Follow and Unfollowing is not cool and leads to pigmentation and premature ageing 🤔

💗. Giveaway closes on September 28th 

This giveaway is not sponsored or affiliated with instagram or any of the tagged brands. you must be 18 or older to legally win, and your account must be public. once the prize is shipped, we will send tracking, we are not responsible for any customs fees.

Good Luck everyone !!!!!




New In Hair & Body & Face.

Hi everyone !!!!

I hope you’re all well , just thought I’d share some other bits and pieces that I’ve had arrive recently. I’ll start with body washes as I’m always hunting for more ,never found the perfect one as my preferred scent is always based on my mood.


Dr Bronners Limited Edition Earl Grey & sampler 6 pack

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to smell like tea lol, I actually couldn’t . Also they had a cute little sampler pack and as I’ve only tried the peppermint before thought this would be a great opportunity to try some new scents.

And now for some hair and face !!!!!!


Pureology & La Roche Posay

Now for those of you who know what I get up to on Instagram are aware I bought some products and qualified for the Cult Beauty GWP which had Pureology shampoo and conditioner mini’s , Its the Fullfyl range which is formulated to boost density and thickness whilst protect colour, now I don’t colour my hair but find these formulas less drying ,well as you can see above I enjoyed them so much I’d decided to purchase.

I purchased from an Australian site Adore Beauty during the Black Friday sales where they were 20% off. There was also a 30% discount on La Roche Posay !!!! so I stocked up on SPF I really enjoy their Anthelios range its 50+ and this is my preferred everyday SPF for reapplication . It came with a UV patch I will include a link to the website so that you can read what it does. It’s quite an interesting idea !!!!


Le Labo Body Cream

Was really excited to find that Le Labo has extended their range . I couldn’t resist picking this up . Its very rich and super hydrating I just love layering this over an oil, although now that we are entering summer just this will suffice .

This is a vegan plant based formula , rich in avocado , shea butter and coconut oil the scent is Hinoki which to me has citrusy top notes with a slight green base note. So refreshing yet not loud. It doesn’t overwhelm any fragrance you would follow with, nor does it drown the scent of anything you may layer underneath it. This is available from Mecca Cosmetica in Australia and New Zealand.

Will definitely purchase more from their new basics range !!!!


GHD Curve Tong Premium Gift Set

In my never ending search for the perfect “I woke up like this” soft wave , I purchased the above set,  as you can see it is a large barrel curling tong which is incredibly easy to use and can give a variety of looks. This set also included a nail polish I may never use and a brilliant case to either store it in or travel with.

I’m looking forward to trying some different looks with this. Whilst my hair is naturally wavy I do enjoy the more defined look a tool such as this can provide.

So we’ve come to the end of todays post. If you have any questions or recommendations please let me know below.

I hope you enjoyed and subscribed !!!!

Genaya xx

New In – Supplements !!!!!!

Thought I’d share all of the new supplements I’ve purchased and looking forward to trying. Some are repurchases and others I’m trying for the first time . I will let you know which is which.

I’ll start with a new brand that I’m trying , I recently discovered Inner Ego Apotheca a company based in Perth, Australia thanks to the wonderful Maslow&Co subscription box service. Which in the last box included a sample of Inner Ego’s Immortal powdered supplement.

The taste was delicious !!!! And led to me tracking them down and ordering the sample kit. For $39 aud I received the entire supplement range to explore. Whilst I can’t speak to any results nor share my thoughts in any depth as yet, I still thought i’d share with you all. As I will be reviewing in more depth in a month.

Also they are all housed in black miron glass to preserve the nutritional integrity of the contents. I just love this touch whilst its about preservation , The luxury packaging makes me want to keep it out of the cupboards, so more chance of it ended up in my belly as it should.IMG_6459

This is for anti inflammation and immunity support can also help balance digestive system.

INGREDIENTS: Dandelion Root, Orange Peel Powder, Slippery Elm, Ginger, Aloe Vera Root, Chamomile, Maitake and Turmeric. (all organic or wild-grown)

To enhance and help increase energy levels and focus.

INGREDIENTS: Maca, Coconut, Ashwaganda, Rhodiola, Lemon Peel Powder, Korean Ginseng, Shisandra Berry and Pine Pollen (all organic or wild-grown)

This is intended to calm and quiet the mind to prepare for rest.

INGREDIENTS: Passionflower, Lemon Balm, Valerian Root, Reishi Mushroom, Ashwaganda, Lavender, Coconut, Cinnamon and Stevia Leaf (all organic or wild-grown)

Filled with lots of internally beneficial antioxidants that also benefit the skin externally.

INGREDIENTS: Raw Cacao, Pomegranate, Gogi Berry, Rhodiola, Acai, Dulse, He Shou Wu, Gubinge and Shiitake (all organic or wild-grown)




Also needed to restock some Inner Health goodies.

The Beauty Chef is my favourite brand of supplements as the focus is gut health , I restocked the Antioxidant and replaced Hydration with Collagen. I just couldn’t handle the coconut in Hydration. The ingredients are listed below.

Flora Culture Plus (Certified Organic Blueberry Powder, Certified Organic Papaya Fruit Powder, Certified Organic Acai Powder, Goji Berry Powder, Certified Organic Maqui Berry Powder, Grape Seed Extract, Pomegranate Powder, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, L. Casei, L. Planetarium, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, L. Bulgaris, L. Lactis, L. Fermenti, Saccharomyces Boulardi, S. Cerivisiae), Glycerol (422) (derived from sustainable Palm), Zinc Gluconate, Ascorbic Acid.

Flora Culture Plus (Certified Organic Papaya Fruit Powder, Certified Organic Papaya Leaf Powder, Pomegranate Powder, Certified Organic Papaya Seed Powder, Green Tea powder, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, L. Casei, L. Planetarium, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, L. Bulgaris, L. Lactis, L. Fermenti, Saccharomyces Boulardi, S. Cerivisiae), Glycerol (422) (derived from sustainable Palm), Vitamin E (Alpha-tocopheryl Acid Succinate).


Spirulina (33%), Barley Grass leaf powder (25%), Wheat Grass leaf powder (25%), Chlorella (17%).


Will be reviewing The Beauty Chef range in full in the next few weeks as I’ve been using for about 9 months now and feel I’m ready to share my thoughts.

Thank you for reading and I do hope you subscribe xx

*Please be aware that the above is not an affiliate link

*All products were purchased by me.